Thursday, June 23, 2016

Steel City Pops!

I apologize in advance for all the pool pictures in my blog recently and will go ahead and apologize for the future ones I will post this summer. I am just a little bit in love with having my own pool. I always dreamed of having a pool and living in a house on a court... and now I have both! It really is a dream come true and all thanks to Casey for making it a reality for me.

Yesterday, my niece, Audrynn, came and spent the night with us. I love that little girl to a million pieces. My boys love hanging out with her and she helps out a lot with them both... she also LOVES to clean my house so its a win win win!

Then one of my best friends, Sam, came over with her girls and we swam the afternoon away. Poor Casey had to go to work so he was only in the pool long enough to take a picture. Today is his day off so we plan on swimming a lot longer.

Aren't these sweet babies so cute?! Dynamite Dax is SO brave and loves to try and jump out of our arms so he can swim on his own. He HATES sitting in his baby float but loves to sit in mine. I swear this kid is so much more of a handful than Caleb ever thought about being. Anyone else's 2nd child the wild one?!

Since we swam the day away, Dax didn't take a nap until really late which meant his 6:30pm bedtime was out of the question. Since Audy was over (and I had an extra set of hands to help me) we decided to head downtown and surprise Casey at work. Doesn't Dax look amused?! HA!! I love being able to make my husband smile... seeing the boys always puts a HUGE smile on his face!!!

Last night I was really nervous I was going to oversleep and miss my alarm again for the gym that I set 3 more alarms! HA! Well at 3:59 am (1 minute before my first alarm was supposed to go off) I woke up in pain from a damn Charley Horse. I had to spring out of bed and walk it off... I laid back down and then my alarm went off. Fun times!! The best part to having Charley Horses are eating bananas to help with the cramps. I love bananas!!

Today we are headed to Steel City Pops after lunch... I am STOKED! I have never been before but I have heard amazing things. Best part, it is a treat but it can also be healthy!!! I will blog about our experience tomorrow.


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