Friday, June 24, 2016

Steel City Pops

A day at Steel City Pops... in pictures!!!

When you walk up, you see this awesome steel sign (and construction in the front, boo)

Then behind the sign is a sitting area/patio with tables (with umbrellas because after all this is Texas) and some wooden benches in the corner. We had to sit on the benches because the tables were all full... This is a picture from when we were leaving and they were empty by then. Just our luck...

You walk inside and there is a small space to order and over on your right hand side, you see the popsicles being made! I forgot to take a picture because it was kind of hectic and crowded in there... crowded because the popsicles are amazingly yummy! The line moves rather fast so don't fret. You can also pick up a punch card and a free sticker (Caleb loved that part).

They hand you your popsicles (and even cut the package open for you, this mother thanks you for that) and you head outside to enjoy. You can stay inside but the seating is very limited.

Casey - Coffee Brownie (cookie pop)
Me - Strawberry Shortcake (cookie pop)
Caleb - Pina Colda (creamy)
Dax - Watermelon (fruity)
*The cookie pops just mean that there is a cookie and the popsicle is around it. Casey had a brownie and a coffee popsicle around it, mine was a shortbread cookie with strawberry popsicle around it. It requires more chewing than a normal popsicle but nothing to crazy.

I had to feed myself and feed Dax, while Casey taught Caleb how to eat a popsicle... LMAO! It was dripping everywhere and all over his clothes. Casey had to teach him to lean over and let it drip on the ground. He was a MESS!!! (Caleb not Casey). I would wish they would offer hand wipes instead of napkins. We had to clean up the kids using Dax's diaper wet wipes we had in the car.

Luckily, I was smart enough to take Dax's shirt off because he was a sticky mess too! He hates cold stuff in his mouth so I would bite a piece off, suck on it for a bit (to warm it up) and then put it in his mouth to chew. He ate the entire popsicle though!

The patio also has cornhole (there was only one set, so we had to wait our turn to play, but it wasn't a long wait... once the popsicles are done people leave)! The beanbags are stars and stripes (#Merica), the perfect little touch. Caleb and I played a game, he beat me, while Dax and Casey cheered us on.  

Dax was excited when we let him try it out too. We would hand him a beanbag and he would chunk it. This kid has a GREAT arm on him!! 

We made it home after running errands and decided to grill out some burgers and have a nice night swimming in the pool. Casey helped me make turkey burgers... Dorito ranch burgers for the boys and zucchini turkey burgers (recipe from Ashley Horner) for me.

All together, it was an amazing day and night! I love Thursday's and Friday's (Casey's days off)... today we plan on taking the boys to Melt!!! I will let yall know how it is!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your beautiful summer weekend!


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