Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ashley Cooper story

Ashley Cooper is an amazing woman that I met at the gym at the start of the year. Actually, she came up to me in Berns' class and started talking to me while we were up against the mirrors doing leg lifts. Who would have ever known that we would become so close that it feels like we have known each other for decades?!

When you travel down the weight loss road, you meet people that will either help you or hinder you. With Ashley, she has been a HUGE help to me. She pushes me (because I don't want her to beat me, friendly competition hahaha), she guilt's me into doing something when I don't want to (guilt is key) and she makes working out fun (yes I just said workout and fun in the same sentence)! Ashley is honestly heaven sent for me and I am so thankful for her.

Now on to the 5k story... Ash's 1st 5k was also my 1st 10k, this meant that we couldn't run it together. I was kind of bummed about that but knew that there would be plenty more to come. This past Saturday we ran Joe's Run (5k) and we both decided that we would cross the finish line together. Our goals for this run was that Ashley didn't want to walk and I needed to go faster (I am stuck in a 5.0 speed). Mile 1 was great, we were step and step with each other. We got to Mile 2 and it was uphill (I suck at uphill) and she took off. I was proud of her for pushing herself and I told myself that I would run faster as soon as I go through this 2nd mile so I could catch up with her and finish strong. With mile 2 finally complete, I see Ashley walking... I sprinted to her and we started jogging again. We were about 0.7 miles away from the finish and Ashley starts walking again saying she feels like she is about to throw up but for me to keep going. I did what she said and continued to run to the end, but then it hit me... this isn't about me finishing, this is about us finishing. I stopped and walked with Ashley until she felt okay enough to jog it in. About 0.3 miles away she starts jogging again and the finish is insight. HERE COMES THE GOOD PART --- As soon as we get about 100 yards or so from the finish line, Ashley sprints off and leaves me in her dust!!! I end up finishing 4 seconds behind her... That BRAT!

In the end, she beat her time and for that I am super proud of her. Ashley finishing without me got me to thinking and I started to relate a 5k to our lives. A 5k is 3.1 miles, its a long uphill and downhill journey that you take to achieve a goal. Weight loss is also a long journey that has both uphills and downhills that you decide to take to achieve a goal. With both the 5k and the weight loss journey, you can share your struggles and accomplishments with your friends but at the end of the day, its just you and the finish line!

Ashley, thank you for being you. I love you friend and I am so thankful that you are in my life... And just know if you ever leave, I will find you!!! HAHA!

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  1. She is a pretty amazing gal!!! I love her too!! You both look awesome!!!