Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My “Aunt’s” visit

Warning: Guys read this at your own risk because my “Aunt” isn’t my Mom’s or Dad’s sister, but instead a gift from Mother Nature!!!
For the most part, I am not easily convinced into cheating when it comes to food. However, this month when my “Aunt” came to visit me (for longer than she ever has) she found a way to drag me down and make me listen to her reasoning’s.
“Oh come on, it’s just one time!”
“You have been so good; you deserve a cheat more than once a week!”
“Everybody is doing it!”
I started off slow, just a Kit Kat for breakfast… then next thing I know I was eating cookies for lunch. I have eaten at least 1, if not 2 or 3, sweet treats every single day since then! While I am in the moment of wanting it or eating it, I feel like it is okay and that what I am doing is not bad. But then, BOOM, out of left field after I am done with my treat the guilt comes over me. Not only does she make me want to snack 24/7 but I haven’t been in the mood to workout at all. I have been so blah, from my “Aunt” and from all the sweets I have been eating. Usually I workout ten times in a week, and this past week I have worked out a total of ONE time!!!!
I woke up today and realized that my “Aunt” has packed her bags and left for a few weeks, so today I am restarting. I am going to get my water intake in; I have been living off diet cokes. I am going to stay away from the sweets. I am going to stick to my meal plan. I am going to get my workouts in. And most of all, when I go to face the scale at Lo’s on Wednesday afternoon… I am going to take whatever number it throws me and know that it’s not the end of the world; I know where I messed up!
In the end none of the sweets or the “reasons” I couldn’t go to the gym, were worth the gain I think I might have for the 1st time ever with Lo…

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