Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad news in regards to my 10k

I just received a LOVELY text message from my oh so wonderful trainer! She told me that there will be winds of 20-30 MPH tomorrow morning, which is RACE morning... ugh! I sent her a text back telling her not to cuss at me like that and then I went on and yep, she is right. Oh wait, there is more... there will also be AM showers and even though it will be in the 40's, it will feel like the low 30's!!!! Man I am a lucky girl...

Now the question that is running through your heads is "Is she still going to run?"... Fat Jordan would have said umm HECK TO THE NO!!! But you see a year ago this weekend, I looked Fat Jordan in the eyes and said goodbye to her, her bad habits and her negative attitude. So the answer to your question is... YES! I am going to run this race, hell or high waters. I have come to far and this is a huge milestone for me and I am not going to let Mother Nature stop me from achieving one of my goals. I am almost 100 pounds smaller, way more confident, stronger, faster, and in better shape then I have ever been before... so bring on the rain, bring on the cold and bring on the wind! Nothing is going to stop me from running 6.2 miles tomorrow and crossing that finish line!!!

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