Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The story of Jed (a brave sole)

I met this guy last August on a cruise, we hit it off and I enjoyed talking to him. He lived in Kansas and I was here in good ole Fort Worth, so a  talk of relationship was out of the question. After the cruise, we talked on the phone, through email, text and Facebook as much as possible. We decided that he would come to Fort Worth and hang out for the weekend of Halloween. We ended up having a great weekend, we went to a Stars game, Joe T's, a Cowboys game, Six Flags, and with my family to go Trick or Treating. It was Sunday night and he was leaving the next morning, when he decided to be a brave little sole and speak his mind...

Before I go into detail of why he was so "brave", let me give you a few side notes.
1. We met on a cruise, where I wore my bathing suit a lot along with shorts and tank tops.
 2. When he came to my house that weekend I had lost 10 pounds since the cruise, I answered the door in a cute dress and he complimented me on how I looked.
3. We spent the whole weekend together and even talked about how we could make a relationship work with him in Kansas and him maybe moving to Fort Worth...

Brave Sole:
 Jed was on the couch Sunday night and I was asleep in my bed, I woke up to the TV about 1 am and realized that he was still awake. I went in there to see what he was up to and he informed me that he cant do this anymore and that he is sorry. I was half asleep and confused, so I did what I do best and started asking questions. He came right out and said "Jordan, I just cant date you. You are too fat for me to date!"... Brave Sole! I had options here, I could kick the crap out of him, I could call James (he would help me get rid of the body, lol), I could insult him back, or I could take the high road. I decided to take the high road (kinda), without saying a word, I went into my room packed up his stuff, opened the front door and threw his stuff outside and told him to get the hell out of my house and out of Fort Worth! He begged to stay at least until the morning which I answered with "Go stay at a hotel, maybe a skinny person owns it!" HA!

Haven't spoke to him since. That is until he text me Monday! He told me he was sorry and wanted me back (HA!) and that he misses me. What now that I am skinny you miss me, no thank you! Best part of the whole convo was when he proceeded to tell me that I don't need to be rude to him because after all HE was the reason I have lost 50-60 pounds since seeing him...!

Ladies so the moral of the story is, you don't need to work hard at all just find a jerk to tell you that you are fat and you will automatically lose the weight! Yeah, okay!

Theraphy - Write a letter (but dont send it) to get your anger out... I wrote this the Monday he left, its funny now looking back on it!!!!

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