Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Olive Garden

Have you ever had that one ex boyfriend who stands out above all the rest, who you think about when something happens, who you talked hours to your friends about, and most of all who was the biggest (excuse my language) asshole in the history of Texas…I mean the WORLD?! Well, I have had such the pleasure to have dated just that guy (oh lucky me)! Everyone, please say hello to Robert.
            When I first started dating Robert, it was fine. We went out, had fun, hung out with our friends, and basically did stuff that any normal couple would do. Robert had been in a car accident leaving him to have a limp and some scarring on his face, but non the less he was a nice guy who I had fun with… and well he was the only guy showing me attention. After about 6 months or so into the relationship (I remember this like it was yesterday), Robert was going to go hang out with our friends and told me that he rather me not go. To make a long story short, he ended up telling me the reason he didn’t want me going was because he was embarrassed by my weight. Talk about brutal honesty! From that moment on for the next year and half (we dated for 2 years, I don’t know why), I tried anything to change my weight (bulimia too!) to make things better. Every Friday I weighed myself at his house and after about a month of this, Robert thought it would be a good idea to “help” me out. If I lost weight, we went on a date that weekend… if I gained, welp no date for me! People, I am not making this stuff up. And stupid Jordan, well she went along with it because even though it wasn’t right, he was the only person showing me any attention.
            It only gets worse from here, please pick your jaw up off the floor and continue on. After weighing one Friday, and losing weight, we decided to go on a double date with Michelle and her boyfriend at the time, Ryan, to Olive Garden. We got to dinner and I had left my purse at home because Robert had driven and offered to pick up the tab. The waitress comes to the table and takes our drink order and then says she will return for our food order. Well in the mean time, Michelle and Ryan are discussing what to eat and on the other side of the table, Robert is TELLING me what I am getting… a dry salad with a grilled chicken breast. Of course, I had lost weight and this was suppose to be my “cheat” meal and like hell was I getting what he told me to get. I rebutted with him and in the middle of it, the sweet waitress comes back. Michelle and Ryan placed their order and then Robert placed his (Tour of Italy – little of everything) and the waitress looked at me and asked for my order. Robert said “just bring her a pacifier”… you could cut the tension in the air with a knife! To cut the story short, Ryan told me to order whatever I liked and he would pay for me since I didn’t have my wallet and he talked to Robert.

            I finally came to my sense a few months later and realized that Robert wasn’t worth any of this. Besides the punishment for being overweight, he had also cheated and lied so many times. It breaks my heart to look back because I am so much stronger today and would NEVER put up with that from a man now. I know that Robert helped mold me into this strong woman, but I would never wish that kind of abuse on anyone. Girls now days try to please the boys way too much; it’s mostly due to the media. You have to be tall, tan, skinny, pretty hair… if you aren’t, than you are an outcast. Stop and take the time to talk to your sister, daughter, niece, friend, whoever the younger women in your life might be. Tell them that they are beautifully and wonderfully made by our Lord and Savior. Tell them that they do not need to listen to the garbage of men who try to put them down to make themselves feel better. If its attention they seek (like I did) give them more attention. I know I wish I would have had someone really sit me down and tell me all this 10-15 years ago…

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!”

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