Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Funniest story you will read all day!

I have told this story only to a select few, but yesterday a follower said she likes how I don't sugar coat my journey. Well, I got to thinking about it and if I don't tell my blog followers this story then in a way I am sugar coating all my ups and my DOWNS! So, for those of you that have not heard this story yet please say a big Thank You to Brenda Argraves.

Friday night the gym is very dead until about 7ish (right before Cardio Dance Party with Berns). Ashley and I had gotten there at 6:30 to run before class. She got onto the treadmill next to a very cute (but short) guy and I got on the one next to her and had a older guy next to me. The only other people I remember seeing was a few guys lifting weights on the floor in front of us. I started to run and about 5 minutes or so into my run, I needed to potty. I jumped off the treadmill onto the side steps and left the treadmill going. I went into the locker room, used the little girls room, came out of the locker room and walked over to where my treadmill was.

---------HERE COMES THE FUNNY PART---------

I don't know what I was thinking, actually I wasnt thinking at all. I jumped on my treadmill (as if it was turned off) forgetting that it was turned on at a 5.5 speed. ...BOOM BOOM BOOM... The next thing I know I am struggling to get back up, I look up and the guys around me are starting to turn off their treadmills, taking out their headphones and are about to come check on me. Now, I love attention but not this kind of attention. So I decide to stand up and shake it off, but as a idiot I step back onto the still running treadmill and ...BOOM BOOM BOOM... I have fallen again!!!! Ashely is looking at me like a nurse looks at a patient that they are worried about. I finally jump up to my feet, stand on the side steps of the treadmill and jump on the correct way and start running again. I was in PAIN but I didnt want to cause more of a fuss then I had already caused!

I have always wondered, who falls off the treadmill... like really?!

Well... I do!

This is a picture of my leg.. I scraped up the skin above my knee, have a bruise on my knee cap and one right below my knee. My right leg is bruised too.

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  1. OH my goodness, that is AWFUL, funny, but aweful!!!