Thursday, November 8, 2012

5K Results

This week has been kind of hectic but here I am... Let me catch you up to what has been happening in my life lately.

The 5k was this past Saturday and my goal was to finish in under and hour and to beat my very pregnant friend Kristy (she had her baby GIRL yesterday!). I walked with a group that consisted of 2 strollers (with 2 adorable little boys), 4 women (including me) and 3 dogs. We ended up having to stop a couple of times, which made the walk a bit longer then I anticipated. I crossed the finish line under an hour and before Kristy. My results are as follows... Hey, I wasn't last! My knee did really good the whole race and only after I stepped across the finish line, did it give out a bit. I went home and iced it and by that evening I was fine.

Other than the 5k, I have also gone 2 days without having diet cokes. Guess what, I am still alive!! I am trying to replace my diet cokes with a Spark drink instead. So far so good. Except for last night, I had a bad headache and I was so grabby... but I know those feelings of "withdrawal" will vanish if I keep this up. I also have been trying to really stay away from carbs and cheese. This is VERY hard for me but so far so good.

If you are interested in trying Spark or any of the Advocare supplements, go to here and Brittney will be more then happy to help you with all your goals...

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