Monday, November 12, 2012


Good morning everyone! It is Monday morning and I am chipper, what the heck is wrong with this picture? Honestly, the past couple days I have been in good spirits even when things were going wrong. I really think this has to do with giving up diet coke. They say (who are they anyways) that diet coke really takes a toll on your moods, and after giving it up for almost a week I am starting to believe them! I cant even being to tell you how great I feel...

Weekends are always hard for me, I am off my schedule and there are more distractions and opportunities to go out to eat. This weekend was no different. I went into this weekend knowing that I need to stay away from the carbs, diet coke and cheese. I also went into this weekend with a loving boyfriend who stood next to me and held my hand (and held the 3 evil things away from me). Have I mentioned how much I love that guy?!

So Saturday was our 8 months of dating, yes we celebrate... (barf now if you need to, I think its cute)! Let me back up some, 1st Friday was easy because we ate at home and went to be early. Saturday morning we woke up and went to cheer on my niece at her Volleyball tournament. Caleb and I stopped at Sonic to get him a chocolate milk and a breakfast burrito (I am out of food at home). I ended up getting a large water and a breakfast toaster sandwich, no cheese and then I threw the bread out the window for the birds to eat and I just had the bacon and egg. THEN between the Volleyball games, my family loaded up and went to Sonic AGAIN... I passed up food and drink this time, even though my brother in law was buying! 2 times at Sonic and 2 epic wins for me!

Now on to our date night... I was suppose to cook but when it got down to it, I really didn't feel like it. We decided to go to Fresco's (a local Mexican food place here) and Casey kept the chips right next to him (even though I didn't even feel the urge to have any). I ordered a un-sweet tea and the Home Style Fajitas... they came with chicken, steak and grilled veggies. I told the waiter no tortilla's and even sent the cheese back when it came out. Win again!

Baklava!!! After dinner we went to a Greek Festival. I have never been and it was free so we went. Casey had been raving about Baklava all throughout dinner so I googled it and realized I couldn't have it (carbs). But when we got there, I decided what the heck and got a small piece anyways. I mean, it was a small piece and you only live once so why the heck not. That was my one splurge for the week... and boy was it good! I copied a recipe and have added it to the bottom of this blog in case you ever want to make some.

I am on day 6 of no carbs, no diet coke and no cheese (I am going to call this DC3) and so far I have lost a total of 5.4 pounds!!

Happy Monday Y'all

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