Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back Workout

My company Christmas party is in 11 days...11 days, the dress I have in my closet looks amazing on me (now that I have lost some of my belly fat) BUT, it wont zip all the way closed in the back. I have been working so hard on my belly and my legs and now that I have 11 days left, I realize that my back is the problem...

I am not defeated, I have 11 days to work on the problem! 11 days of eating 110% perfectly. 11 days of making myself get up and workout even if I don't want to. 11 days of kicking butt and taking names!!! Here goes nothing... I am going to wear that dress to the party because I really do NOT want to buy another one. (I am kind of a penny pincher, specially for things like this... a dress I am only going to wear once for a couple of hours).

I searched the Internet high and low and found a great picture that listed back workouts (picture below). I printed it out and took it to the gym with me today. I have to say, I worked muscles I haven't worked in awhile and I am kind of sore. I finished up at the gym with some sprints (as much as I can sprint with a bum knee) on the elliptical and then met with my friend Melissa who is helping me write out a menu*.

*I will blog about my menu later, basically I have been struggling with finding good recipes that are actually good for you and taste good. I am stumped, so I have asked Melissa to help me out. So very thankful she is helping...

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