Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bike Workout

Yesterday I met with a friend, Melissa, up at the gym and she showed me a new kick butt workout on the bike. After completing the workout, I was dripping with sweat... and it was only 15 minutes long. So this morning, I decided that when Casey woke up for work I would wake up with him and take my booty to the gym! I need to work for that piece of pie I am going to eat tomorrow...
The workout on the bike is as follows:
1. Warm up for 3-5 minutes on a resistance of 2
2. Then bump it up to a resistance of 4 and go for 1 minute while keep your RPMs between 60-70.
3. Keep the resistance at 4 and go really fast (pushing through your heels) and make sure to get your RPMs up over 100... and keep them there for 30 seconds.
4. Repeat the 1 minute intervals and the 30 second intervals until you have completed 15 minutes.
5. Cool down with 3-5 minutes on a resistance of 2
(That is a cup of water, not diet coke... just for all you wondering! 2 weeks without a diet coke!!)
Remember, just because it is a holiday doesn't mean that you cant make time to workout or you cant watch what you eat. Holiday is an excuse to see family and friends, not an excuse to gain weight! Stay on track and stay focused, I know I am going to!!
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

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