Friday, November 13, 2015

Rewards & Cheats

Before I get started talking about me ... seriously how funny is the face Dax is making?! This kid cracks me up!!!

About 4-5 weeks ago I decided to not have a cheat meal until the end of the challenge. I planned out this awesome date for me and Casey and then life got in the way. He decided to switch it up and make it a lunch date. He found a sitter for Dax and we were going to go while Caleb was in school and be back before we had to pick him up from After School Care.

Then... we got a call from the school saying Caleb had a fever and needed to be picked up and couldn't return until Monday. Wrench, meet plans!

Casey said I could go on the date alone, have some me time... but seriously I did not want to go out to eat alone. I am just not one of those people who can do that. Kuddos to everyone who can, I just can't! We thought about getting a sitter for both boys but the list was short and nothing worked out. We could wait and go another day... umm no I have already waited long enough and I wanted to EAT my cheat meal! Our last option, drag the sick kid around town with us.

Yep, I am a bad mom and put my needs before my sick child's needs! Hey, I promised him ice cream (you know to help with his sore throat and bring down the fever, haha)!

(This is Becka the store owner of Kiki LaRue and seriously one of the nicest people ever!)

First up we stopped at Kiki LaRue! This started up as a online store and she opened up her first actual store just minutes from my house and I haven't been able to go yet. We went in and I was on a mission to find a cute outfit to wear. I ended up finding 2 tops I loved and a pair of jeans...

(I forgot to take a photo of me in the purple top I bought)

Then we headed over to Babes but they didn't open for another 30 minutes so we decided to walk across the street and have dessert first at Hey Sugar. They have so much candy in there and they also have a really good ice cream bar. We all decided to get a scoop of ice cream. Casey got some Dr. Pepper Pecan flavor ice cream, Caleb got snickers, and I got Turtle! It was amazingly yummy and I licked the whole bowl clean.

We headed back to Babes, saving the best for last! I had a small salad, 1 1/2 biscuits, 1/2 a chicken fried steak, 1 serving of mashed potatoes with gravy and like 1/2 serving of corn. I had a goal of licking my plate clean and I fell short... haha! But It was amazingly yummy, just like my ice cream was!!!

I didn't feel bloated or gross when I went home and this morning I woke up and got back into the gym. It is a lifestyle now and I am not going back to my old ways!

My next cheat meal will be on Thanksgiving day and then I plan on only have cheat meals every other week until I hit my goal... 50 pounds to go!!!


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