Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan

Below is my Meal Plan for next week (starting Saturday and ending Friday). This meal plan doesn't have as many details (the macro percentages and the sodium totals) because I have posted the links to the recipes for my lunch and dinner and I will be cutting a few things out of the recipes and adding a few things here and there. I will blog more later this next week and tell you the tweaks I did to each of the recipes. Plus, all of the totals will all depend on the brand I buy...

I am very excited about the Slow Cooker Enchilada Soup and the Cauliflower Chicken "fried rice"... like REALLY excited! I would like to admit that I am slightly addicted to making "rice" out of cauliflower.

Here you go!

Oh and a question I get asked EVERY week... YES, I eat the SAME thing all week long! Casey will sometimes join in with me but mostly him and Caleb do their own thing for meals.

Meal Plan

Gym Snack:
Premier Protein Shake (Costco)
(Calories 160/Carbs 5/Fat 3/ Protein 30)

4 Eggs – 3 just whites, 1 whole egg
1 oz. Pizza Sauce
1/3 Cup of shredded cheese
1 Whole Grain English muffin
4 oz. Bell Peppers
*I am addicted to this breakfast right now*
(Calories 324/Carbs 30/Fat 16/ Protein 26)

S’More Quest Bar
1 Apple
(Calories 232/Carbs 37/Fat 8/ Protein 20)

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup
Tweaks I know I will make for sure:
No salt, cut back on the garlic, will use cauliflower rice instead of corn meal
(Calories 226/Carbs 31/Fat 3/ Protein 26)

Six Star Protein (Whey Isolate Plus)
1 Serving of PB
(Calories 185/Carbs 9/Fat 2/ Protein 34)

Chicken Fried Rice add 6 oz Chicken Breast
Tweaks I know I will make for sure:
Will only use egg whites, will use fresh instead of frozen peas and carrots, cut out garlic, use my guilt free soy sauce (will blog about that later).
 (Calories 273/Carbs 14/Fat 4.5/ Protein 45)

Total for day:
Calories: 1,400
Carbs: 126g
Fat: 36.5g
Protein: 181g


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