Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Goal Dress

Back in early/mid September I pulled out a jean dress I own and decided to make it my goal outfit for the end of Kelsey Byers Skinny Jean Challenge and I decided I would rock it for Thanksgiving with some boots. It has been hanging in my kitchen since that day to serve as a reminder of where I want to be when I complete the challenge and to also help me make better food choices... It has worked!

I have tried it on a couple of times and I could tell a difference but it wasn't what I wanted to see. To be honest, I haven't touched it since probably early October. Today I decided what the heck, lets try it on and see how close I am to wearing it in public. 


It fits... actually I have room in it to move and grove! 

(In the first picture it was very tight on my hips and if you look closely, you can see my panty line. The picture from today, its not tight at all and there is no panty line... yay)

Casey said "Babe, Thanksgiving is 4 weeks away... I think you might need a new goal dress!" 

Oh and speaking of Casey... he is going to get his eyes checked on Thursday to see if he is eligible for lasik (fingers crossed). Well, they told him to take out his contacts and wear is glasses from today until his appointment. I haven't seen him in his glasses in FOREVER!!! He put them on and I couldn't help but laugh. I love this old man so much... he is 36 and I am 30, so I am allowed to call him old. For everyone who is 36 and older reading my blog, you are not old... just my husband is (if that even makes sense... haha)! 

Anyways, the boys are in bed and I have some TWD to check up on (shh don't tell Case that I am watching it without him).. I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!!! Here is to a wonderful rest of the week. 

Oh and PS... only 8 more workouts for the KB Skinny Jean Challenge!!! I am SO freaking excited!!!


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