Saturday, August 4, 2012

4.67% Body Fat Loss

One of us lost 4.67% body fat % this week and one us stayed the exact same... The winner is... Casey Joe!

Losing twice in a row sucks! Haha, BUT I am so very proud of Casey. He lost 4.0 pounds this week and 3.25 inches in his waist. He rocked the scale. Me on the other hand, I only lost 0.8 pounds BUT I lost 1.5 inches in my wasit and 2.5 inches in my hips... My body fat % stayed the same. Dang!

I think I am going to bypass 'Fat Kid Saturday' and really stick with my meal plan instead. I am ready for another good loss on the scale, I am ready to be back down inthe 160's. I know my inches are what matter but I a addicted to the scale and I want to hit that 164 again.

As for Casey, his goal this week is to start lifting weights at the gym. He has been doing just cardio and he said when he got down to the 250's he would start. He is now 256.2, so let the lifting begin!

Casey went from 260.2lbs to 256.2lbs = lost 4.0lbs
Body fat % went from 31.70% to 27.03% = lost 4.67%

I went from 189.0lbs to 188.2lbs = lost 0.8lbs
Body fat % went from 29.01% to 29.01% = broke even

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