Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Keep Swimming" - Dory

I watched Nemo with Caleb the other day and Dory said "Keep Swimming" and it has stuck with me. Well this morning on the way into work, it popped back into my head and it reminded me that I have to keep pushing forward. Every day might not be good but something good happens everyday! Yesterday was a ROUGH day, but no matter how defeated I felt, no matter what the scale said and no matter if my pants fit me or not... Caleb ran into my arms at the daycare and embraced me and told me he loved me. He could careless if I was 300 pounds or 190 pounds. It made my day! I love that little boy so much, he really is my pride and joy and the reason I live. He is the reason I want to be healthy and lose this weight. So I am dusting off the defeat that I had weighing me down yesterday and I am going to keep swimming.

I went back through some pictures and found this one. It is from December 2009, just a couple months before starting my weight loss journey. I am going to use it as my reminder that I have come so far and I have conquered so much and I will not let my knee get in the way now. I might have gained back 30 pounds since hitting my 101 lost but I am still down 70 pounds. So with Caleb in my corner cheering me on, I am going to remember where I have come from and just keep swimming...

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