Thursday, August 16, 2012


Don't you just wish you were born a Greek goddess?! You would be so dadgum pretty, you wouldn't be overweight and well you could eat whatever you wanted. Man life would be great. Well, to bad that didn't happen. I hate the hold that food has on me, I wish I could just quit food. People who have bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs... they can quit (it might be hard) and still live. But my addiction is something you have to have to survive... UGH!

Can you tell I am frustrated? It is like I can just look at food and gain 5 pounds... don't even get me started about how much I gain if I actually eat it. Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only one? Funny story actually, I was craving sweets the other night (go figure) and the only thing I had in my house that was sweet were those "cute" little 90 calorie fiber one cookies. Well, I ate 3! Heat them up and they are even better. Who eats 3 fiber cookies in one sitting?? I guess, it was better then waking up Caleb and driving to Braum's (yes that thought went through my head).

I tried on my purple shorts this morning and I don't know if I am just stretching them out with trying them on each week or whatever, but they are fitting better. The muffin top wasn't as much today. Slowly getting there... 5 more weeks til we cruise (it was moved up a week to 9/24). Casey asked me the other day what if I don't make it to my goal before we cruise, will I still wear the purple shorts? I gave him a "are you really asking me that question" look and replied "I WILL wear those shorts on that boat even if I have to duct tape them onto me!" We then sat in silence for a few minutes. I think he was to scared to laugh... Hahaha!

Tomorrow is weigh day (since we are going to Lubbock)... I think I am going to put rocks in Casey's shorts so that he will lose this week, this girl really needs to win to boost my motivation!

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