Thursday, August 2, 2012

Partner Training

Everyday on lunch me and the girls at my office walk over to Larry North and spend an hour working out. Most of the time we do our own thing but today me and another girl (Carly) decided to start partner training together. It was actually really good for me. I love a good competition and even though we aren't really competing against each other, she gives me that boost to go longer and harder with more weight. Today we decided to do cardio, arms and abs. Arms and abs are my 2 main target areas, so this workout is a much needed workout. I have noticed that since I have been doing the row machine that my arms are toning up some, but like everything else, they still need more work.

Our workout today:
20 minutes of cardio - we chose to do the elliptical
10 reps (weight 10 pounds) of:
- Bicep curls into shoulder presses & back down
- Tricep extensions
- Dips
***Repeat the cycle 3 times
Partner Abs
- Sit up ball throw
- back to back side ball pass
***Repeat 3 times (20 reps the 1st, 15 the 2nd and 10 the 3rd)

Tomorrow we will do legs...! Keep checking back for our new workouts we make up and if you have any good pointers or ideas, let me know!

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