Thursday, August 9, 2012


This Saturday is my oh so wonderful, oh so handsome, oh so amazing (the list could go on and on, really) boyfriends birthday! I have a whole day of excitement planned out and then a party planned for the evening. Since planning this party, I have set my mind on wearing my jean skirt. When we started this competition, the skirt was tight and very uncomfortable. Well ladies and gentlemen, the skirt fits! Oh happy day!!! I can NOT wait to wear it on Saturday night with some heels or wedges... really show off my long legs! Holla!

Speaking of things fitting... I tried on my purple shorts last night. The waist still fits the same as last week, still tighter then I want it to be. But they button and zip, so that is good... just need to get rid of the dang muffin top! Just because the zip, don't mean they fit! The part I am very excited about is my legs. I can really tell a loss in inches in my thighs while wearing the shorts. Putting these shorts on every week has really helped me with not falling into a deep depression about the scale. It just goes to show, inches really do matter more then what the scale says. Do I still want to hit 165, you better believe it. But now I am also really excited about the inches I am losing!

Oh so I have to brag for a second... Casey usually wears 2XL shirts. Well, the past couple weeks you can REALLY tell a difference in his stomach and chest area. Last night Caleb let Casey open his birthday present (Caleb wont be with us this weekend) and it was a XL Texas Rangers shirt. Casey put it on and it fit him perfectly!!! He has lost a size in his shirts... this just makes me that much more prouder of him! Way to go babe, way to go!

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