Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Purple Shorts take 3

This morning I woke up EXTRA early (for no reason at all) and had a lot of time to kill before leaving the house. I decided to pass the time and go ahead and try the purple shorts on instead of waiting til tonight to do so. Todays verdict was that the shorts aren't as tight around my thighs. I could tell maybe a slight difference in the picture but the true results where how they felt on my legs. I have been doing a different leg machine or workout each day, trying to target different areas and trying to build back up my right leg (surgery leg)... and obviously its working!

This week started off very rough, yesterday it was a bit better and then this morning, I felt like myself again. The side effects of Mother Nature are gone and I have returned back to normal. Thank God! With that being said, I am now excited about weigh in on Saturday morning. Casey is SO going down! I have stuck to my plan (gotta have a plan to keep going) by working out and eating clean. Even last night, Casey and I celebrated his last weeks win by going to see the movie Ted. We both decided to eat at home (turkey breast, whole wheat pasta and beans) and then when we got to the movies, we both passed on the concession stand. Losing weight and saying no to temptations is so much easier when you have an accountablility partner.

Counting down the days til this weeks weigh in... And counting down the days til I step on the cruise boat wearing those purple shorts (60 days)!!!!

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