Monday, July 30, 2012

Mother Nature

I hate, loathe, despise, etc. Mother Nature! Oh boy do men have it so easy! They are able to lose weight so quickly and they don't have to deal with our once a month bloating. I mean seriously, do we have to go up 1 pant size just because of Mother Nature? I feel so fat and nasty, like I just ate a REALLY HUGE meal... but all I had was a bowl of oatmeal. This always happens, one week I am bloated and feeling all fat and nasty, then the next week I start and I go back to normal pant size and feeling normal. This just happens to be the week of horrible bloating-ness, I am really not looking forward to weigh in this weekend.

However, I still plan on going to the gym everyday on lunch and I have all my meals planned out for this week... so if I don't lose, I am really going to try and not be upset because I know its just Mother Nature being a you know what. I really hope though that Mother Nature decides to be nice and leave ASAP so that I can kick Casey's booty at weigh in (I cant let him win 2 weeks in a row)!

I hope y'all have a great week and when you think about it, say a prayer for me (or for Casey and Caleb, they are the ones that have to deal with my mood this week, haha)!

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