Friday, July 13, 2012

A girl and a row machine

Monday when I started back at the gym (for my 100th do over), I was told to try the row machine. It would be easier on my knee and give me a good upper body workout as well as a cardio and core workout. I went over there Monday, the machine was occupied. Tuesday, it was the same story. Wednesday, oh my word the same old man is on the machine again. Yesterday I was bound and determined to beat him to the machine... guess what, I did! I got on and told myself I was going to go for 20 minutes (since it was my 1st time). I was about 16 minutes in and that same old man came walking over and had a confused look on his face, probably because I had the machine and he didnt. He stood near by with that look in his eye, you know that gym look of saying "Omg when are they are going to get off? Maybe if I stand here long enough they will move." Dont act like you dont know what I am talking about, we have all done it... or atleast I have! Haha. What this man didnt know is that look triggered my awesome personality and just cost him another 10 minutes of me hogging the machine. I decided since he hogged it Monday through Wednesday I was going to finish my 20 minutes and then add another 10 on top of it. I would have gone to 45 but I knew I had some other machines calling my name. He may not have found it funny, but it gave me that push I needed to go above and beyond.

Oh and this morning, OMG I am SORE!!! I heart the row machine, now if only I can beat that guy EVERY day... mission accepted!

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