Friday, July 27, 2012

Ding ding ding, we have a winner y'all...

If you read my blog yesterday, you know that we had to weigh in this morning due to Casey's (awful, horrible, stupid, etc.) work schedule. Last night before we went to bed we decided to take measurements and log them so that next week we can start going off Body Fat %* instead of weight lost. So we measured our waist (at the belly button), our hips (according to Shakira, they dont lie), wrist and our forearms. I will give you these measurements next week when we retake them, so that you can see a difference. Our Body Fat % this week is as follows: Me - 29.01% and Casey - 31.70%

So this morning we woke up, went potty (yes I am a Mother, I say potty), and then jumped in line to weigh. Casey decided this week he wanted to go 1st, well actually I was brushing my teeth and he just jumped on. Last week he only lost 1 pound and ended up weighing 262.2... well this week I am proud to say that he has lost another 2.0 pounds!!! He is now 260.2!!! Its been hard because I am so use to knowing what a girl is suppose to do as far as workouts and what a girl is suppose to eat as far as meal plans, so learning how to cater to Casey's weight loss goals has been different. But, we are learning together and he has had a loss every week so far. I cheered him on and reminded him that he has lost 10 pounds so far... He plugged the loss into his phone (My Fitness Pal app) and gave out a little laugh and said "Actually I have only lost 9.8 pounds"... That dang 0.2 pounds. So next week, we WILL be celebrating his 10 pound mark and him being in the 250 mark FO SHO!!

Okay, on to my turn to weigh in. So, what I didn't tell you yesterday is that I had a bridal shower at work and I had to have a friend promise to kick me in my bad knee so that I wouldnt cheat. Haha I have the best of friends ever! I ended up not have a single bite and I stuck to my food plan all day. Actually all week I stuck to my food plan, I worked out every day and I only cheated (badly) last Saturday. My clothes are fitting looser and I just feel so much better... so I stepped on the scale (remember last week I was 189.0).... and.... 189.0.... DANG IT!!!!! I was so mad. But I had to stop and remind myself that inches are what matters. The scale will play catch up, just got to keep with it.

So after all is said and done, Casey won (I hate losing, lol). He was so cute about it too... He saw how bummed out I was that I didn't lose and he was trying to console me. It hit me, I am taking this moment away from him... he won, he should be celebrating! I told him I was fine (most common lie told daily) and watched has he did his little victory dance. I am ever so proud of him and I know he is going to do good. He hasn't chosen his date for this week yet, but he won fair and square and I guess its time for me to pay up!

Body Fat % - (based on a formula developed by our US Navy) It is simply the % of fat your body contains.

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