Monday, July 23, 2012

The $43 meal plan

I wrote on FB the other day that I went grocery shopping and spent only $43 on one weeks meal plan (6 days worth of foods)... the response to that was "How?" So here I am to tell you how I did it and what I bought exactly.

1st off, this is for one person (Casey). After I prepared all the meals I had enough left overs for another person, but we froze them so that next weeks grocery bill will be even less. And also remember I had coupons. I am not a coupon cutter, but when Target sends out the weekly ads I will go ahead and keep the ones I know I can or will use. And when Target hands me the coupons with my receipt, I keep those too. Most of the time those coupons they hand you are coupons for $5.00 off $50 or more. $5.00 doesnt sound like a lot, but to this broke Momma it is!

*For this shopping trip, I shopped at Target*

Here is the grocery list I used (I use the off brand to almost EVERYTHING):
2 boxes of oatmeal (2 a day for 6 days, each box contains 10 that is why I needed 2 boxes)
1 package of sausage links (2 a day, box contains 12)
Fiber Bars (extra big box that had 12, cheaper then buying 2 boxes that would've had 10)
2 packages of Turkey meat (on sell 2 for $7)
2 Steamed veggies (coupon for 1 package $0.99)
1 bag of red potatoes
Yogurt (off brand is only $0.57 - Albertsons is 10 for $10 but I was at Target so...)
Eggs (coupon for $0.99)
1 bag of apples
Frozen chicken breast (bag for $5.47 coupon)
1 box of brown rice ready to boil
2 cans of pinto beans
1 loaf of bread (free coupon)
2 packets of Taco Seasoning (off brand is 2 of $1.00)
I also bought (out of the $1 section):
Lint Roller
Sandwich holder

Meal Plans:
Breakfast - Oatmeal and sausage links
Snack - Fiber bar
Lunch - Meat loaf, steamed veggies, red potatoes
Snack - Yogurt & apple
Dinner - Taco Chicken, brown rice and beans

When I got home, I went to work and cooked and prepared everything for the week. Now instead of the fridge being full of food, it is full of grocery bags that are all prepared with that days meal plan. It is broken down and easy to just grab and go. Being prepared is key!

Grand Total $43.42 for 6 days worth of 5 meals/snacks... that is about $1.45 a meal/snack!

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