Saturday, July 21, 2012

And the winner is....

It is Saturday again and that means that it is the only morning that I don't feel guilty for waking Casey up "early"... I seriously was like a child on Christmas morning about an hour ago. We finally got out of bed and went to weigh in. Ladies first this week. Before I tell you what my weight was, I need to tell you how hard this week was. You have already read about all my temptations (that I overcome, yay me). I worked out more then I have since having my knee surgery (giving up time with friends to work out, not always fun for this social butterfly). But I had a goal and I wanted to make sure I met it. I so desperately wanted to be back into the 180's. That would mean I would need to lose 2.2 pounds or more. Ok, back to my story of my weigh in. I stepped on the scale and beep, beep, beep... (remember I was 192.0 last week)... 189.0!!!! That is a 3 pound loss on week 2 (the hardest week of weight loss, mostly when people give up because they don't lose as much as the 1st week).

Before I could celebrate my awesome weight loss, I had to let Casey weigh in. He stepped on and beep, beep, beep...(remember he was 263.2 last week)... 262.2. He lost only 1 pound and was kind of disappointed (even though he wont admit it to my face). I made him promise he wouldn't give up and stay with the program. Week 2 is ALWAYS the hardest... I am SO proud of him. He has been eating so well, been giving up stupid boy time (video games, lol) to get workouts in, hasn't drank in so long and much more. I am excited about my weight loss but I am even more excited to see the next couple weeks for his weight loss. Proud is an understatement. Go Casey Go!

Long story short, I WON AGAIN!!!! So this week we will most likely be going to the circus with my sweet baby boy Caleb (it will be his 1st time)...

Funny side note: Last night one of my best friends had a birthday dinner and I ate really good (temptation blog to come later in the week with pictures) and I gave up pizza and cake. Well kind of, I brought Casey and I a piece of cake home. After weigh in this morning, we had that cake for breakfast. Haha! YOLO (You only live once)!

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