Saturday, July 14, 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner

Casey and I had our 1st weigh in this morning!!! He woke up and had to pee so I followed him in there so we can weigh. After he was done, he said "Okay, lets do this. You are going down!" (them are fightin words). I snapped back that it wasnt fair that he got to pee and I didnt (that could cost me the weigh in, haha hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do). So we both finished up and then got out the scale. Casey was anxious to step on and show me what he had lost, so I let him go 1st. To be honest I thought maybe 2 pounds at the most for him... I mean he cheated like 4 times, drank tons of DP, Red Bulls, and never worked out. Well, he stepped on and it was 263.2! That is a 7.6lb loss for him. I instantly got scared. I knew I had lost a big number but I didnt think it was that big.

It is now my turn to weigh in and like I said, I was nervous. But, the scale beeped, beeped and beeped and then BAM 192.0!!! EIGHT FREAKIN POUNDS!!! Take that Casey Joe, in yo face!!! I know I know I only beat him by 0.4 lbs BUT I beat him and that is all that matters. Plus if you really wanna get into it, I am a girl and he has more weight to lose. I think in the coming weeks, we will do it by body % instead of actual weight lost.

With me winning, that means I get to pick our date for next week and my oh so wonderful boyfriend (the loser) gets to pay for it. So I have chosen that we go to Chiluly Nights out in Dallas on Thursday night. It is a blown glass art show that is lite up and then there is also a concert in the gardens. Oh and on Tuesday and Thursdays they have dress up contest, for our night it is Best 80's Costumes! We are about to walk out the door and head to Goodwill and Thrift town to buy furniture and I am going to keep an eye out for 80's things while we are there. Cant wait to have my victory date on Thursday...

Oh and Casey has asked me to write him out a food plan and workout plan. This is so exciting, having him on board with this all. I sat down last night and we wrote him out a food plan (like mine but more calories, stupid men) and we are going to the store tomorrow and then going to prepare everything so he can just grab it and go daily.

Y'all have a great weekend, I know we will...

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