Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I feel skinny!

I love mornings when you wake up and feel skinny. I woke up this morning and put on a dress that I wore 2 weeks ago (and it was tight) and today it wasn't tight at all. 2 weeks ago, I had to have Casey zip me up while I sucked in as much as I could... this morning, I was able to zip it with ease. Mornings like that are a great reminder that what I am doing is working and what I am giving up is oh so worth it.

Speaking of giving things up, man this has been a week of temptations! Yesterday we had an ALTA Luncheon with work. They had an amazing spread of food and a even better spread of dessert. I stuck to some pork tenderloin, a small salad and roasted red potatoes. Another temptation this week will happen tomorrow. XTO has what they call Down Home every other Thursday, it is where they cater in lunch for all 5000+ employees. This week, it is mexican food.... I plan on bringing my lunch and going to the gym while everyone else is down stairs eating yummy Los VaQueros! If you thought that was enough temptation for one week, you are word, FRIDAY! Friday will start early for me, at 12:01 am Casey is taking me to see Dark Knight Rises (eek) and so I will have to say no to the temptations of movie food (popcorn and slurpees). Then Friday during the day I am taking a vaca day and heading to the pool with my sweet friend Julie, hello snack bar (I will be packing my lunch). AND THEN (no more and then, lol) Friday night I am celebrating one of my dear friends (BB) birthdays with pizza, wine and goodies... I will be sticking to something very healthy and water. The good thing about BB is that she understand 110% where I have been and where I want to be, so she wont give me greif about wanting to be healthy.

I can't wait to see the scale on Saturday morning. Even if its a small loss, I will know that I lost because I didn't cave all week. Then Saturday afternoon I will be able to enjoy my Fat Girl meal without any guilt and I will love every bit of it.

Oh side note: Casey has been doing GREAT with food. His roommate went to the store and bought $200 worth of junk food and he hasn't cheated once! I am super proud of him. He has been slacking on the gym though, the boy loves his naps! I really hope he beats me Saturday, but dont tell him I said that... Haha!

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