Thursday, July 19, 2012

The human garbage disposal

Lets take a quick poll... how many of you Mom's eat the left over food off your childs plate? Now now, don't be shy, we all do it. I am the worlds worst, but since weighing in at 200 a couple weeks ago, I haven't touched any of it. Instead of me cleaning up after Caleb, I have been making him do it. This is not only helping me stay away from all those extra calories, but it is also teaching him a life lesson. However, last night we were running behind schedule (we follow a very tight schedule every night, yes I am OCD) and so in order to speed up the cleaning up process I took over. On my way to the sink with his plate I caught myself picking up some of his leftovers. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I spit them out and washed the rest down the garbage disposal. I mean, we have garbage disposal so why not use them instead of thinking we are the garbage disposal?

As soon as clean up was done and Caleb was in the bath, I went to my room, pulled out my favorite pair of shorts (my purple ones that are size 11/13) and tried those suckers on. May 2011 I was able to pull them on and off with no problem... last night was a different story. They buttoned (barley) but with the size of my muffin top, I could have opened a whole bakery... not to even mention the bad case of camel toe they gave me. These shorts (right now) are not very flattering. I have 73 more days til the cruise (oh yeah, Casey and I are going on a cruise September 29 - October 4) and I am going to work my butt off (literally) so that when I step on that boat, I will be stepping on wearing those purple shorts.

I have a picture BUT my button on my blog to post pictures is missing, guess you will have to just wait to see it another day! Y'all have a happy healthy day today and when times get tough just remember I am giving up FREE Los Vaqueros... If I can do that, you can do overcome whatever obstacle is in your way!

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