Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little thing called Motivation

When I 1st lost my weight, people always wondered how I stayed motivated. I think I blogged about it... Well now this time around, I had to really dig deep and find new things to keep me going. Our lives are always changing and goals are met, well after the goal is met, then what? You set a new goal. I think that is where I got caught up the 1st time. I set a goal of losing 100 pounds... and then nothing. I didn't set another goal for myself and by the time I realized it, I had lost all my umph that kept me going. So, I have dug down deep and found the top 10 things that are keeping me going now. I am going to try and remember each month to evaluate these goals and if any are met to replace them with something new, so that I always have 10 things pushing me. I am a very goal oriented person and I think this will really help me. Here goes nothing...

Top 10 things that are keeping me motivated this time around:
10. Never wanting to see 200lbs again

9. All my jeans for the fall are size 10's and 12's and I aint buying more pants!

8. 164.5 lbs (smallest weight so far) I am coming for you

7. I wanna wear my mini skirt to Casey's birthday dinner

6. 2 words - Purple shorts

5. Seeing Jamie & Justin in September (who have also lost a bunch a weight)

4. Mine and Casey's cruise!!!

3. One day buying a wedding dress that is a size 10 or smaller

2. I will never tell this one but one person (Jamie Anderson) knows so that is all that matters!

1. The love of my life, Mr. Caleb Scott Lassiter

I would LOVE to hear what keeps you going!!!

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