Monday, July 16, 2012

My weakness

My weakness... dessert. Most people can tell you one exact thing that brings them to their knees, but not me. When it comes to desserts, I don't care what it is... I will try it. Chocolate pie, s'mores, confetti cake, brownies (my sisters are the best, shout out Val), ice cream (all kinds, hello Rocky Road), banana puddin, mmm bread puddin, ohh how about cake balls... okay I am torturing myself and probably you so I will get on with my blog. The bottom line is that I have a HUGE sweet tooth, wish there was a dentist that could pull that sucker out (mmm...suckers...haha)!

Now the reason I am telling you this is because tomorrow I have a luncheon at work and they have one amazing buffet. The salad bar is amazing. The main course is amazing. AND THE DESSERT BAR IS AMAZING! I was sitting here tonight on the phone with Casey and after telling him this and telling him my fear of relapsing, he laughed and said "yep, I got this weeks weigh in already won because you will cave!" Wow butthead, thanks for the support. Seriously though, he knows me all to well... but I am turning over a new leaf and I promise you I will not cave! Knowing I have people behind me waiting to hear my results, gives me that boost I need...

Why are desserts are tempting to us women and men can pass them up like its no big deal? Why do we let desserts (and other foods) comfort us and make us weak at the knees? I really do think it goes back to Adam and Eve, I mean it was Eve who ate the apple... not Adam. Dang Eve not only got us kicked out of that perfect garden but also left us with this emotional tie to food. That might not even be the case, but you bet your sweet bottom I will be asking God these questions when we have our "Jordan meets God" talk one day.

Okay, I am stepping off my soap box now... how did ya like them apples (they probably would be better dipped in caramel and then rolled in nuts, haha)!

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