Monday, August 13, 2012

Beat by 0.02%

Saturday was Casey’s birthday so when I woke up in the morning, I decided to go ahead and weigh in and measure without waking him up. I was so excited when I weighed and lost another pound (187.2) and lost another inch on my waist! Friday night was tough; we went to dinner, movies and then had drinks with friends. I was on my BEST behavior and didn’t have one chip, any popcorn and drank water… So I was VERY proud of that 1 pound I lost. Since Casey and I are going by % lost instead of pounds, I figured it up and wrote down on our chart... lost 0.52%.

I went and woke up the old man basically bragging about how I just beat him on the scale. You see, while I was being good and not eating or drinking on Friday night… he was downing beers left and right. Which was fine, it was his birthday weekend… just meant I was going to win weigh in!! He went and weighed and lost 2 pounds (really Casey, really) and then I measured him and he lost 0.5 inch on his waist line. I figured up his % lost and just by looking at the number I knew I had him beat, but I went ahead and did the math anyways (to rub it in his face). Remember, I lost 0.52%.... he lost (drum roll please) 0.54%. REALLY… REALLY?! HE BEAT ME BY 0.02%... GAY! He drank and ate bad, didn’t workout once and still won. Man guys suck! They have it so easy and they don’t even know it.

Oh well, it was his birthday so I guess its okay that he won (again). Really though, I am very proud of him and as long as we are both losing, then that is all that matters. He is down a size in shirts, he has lost a size in pants, I am back in my medium t-shirts comfortably, and the purple shorts are fitting better each and every week!

This upcoming weigh in will be held on Friday instead of Saturday due to us going out of town this weekend. We are going to good ole’ Lubbock Texas to see some of the most amazing people in the world (The Frazier’s) and to have Caleb’s 3 year old birthday pictures taken. 3 years old, I can NOT believe my son is almost 3…

Y’all have a great week and I will blog again after I try on my purple shorts this week!

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