Friday, August 17, 2012

The weigh in from H-E-double hockey sticks!

So like I wrote yesterday, I knew this weigh in would suck... just didn't know how badly. Well we weighed in this morning and I gained 1.8 pounds and Casey gained exactly 2 pounds. So in theory, I won BUT we both decided that if we gained then we both lost. Its the only fair way to do it.

We had a conversation last night about what we need to change in our lives to not let this happen agian. Casey talked about how he needs to get motivated and be better about going to the gym... lifting and doing cardio. He is perfect on his diet and food doesn't phase him one bit (man he is lucky). I said that I need to really zone in on my eating, not cheat as much. I am really good about the gym and I start back with Lo (my oh so amazing trainer) next week so that I can learn more workouts that I can do since having my surgery. Now just have to get focused on my eating.

Next week is my birthday and I am using a "No Weigh-In" pass for the next weigh in. I have way to many plans next week that have to do with food... I am going to try my best to be good and eat healthy and make it to the gym, but I am also going to enjoy my birthday week and live life to the fullest. Its the only birthday I get all year so I am going to enjoy it.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend and remember its not a diet, its a lifestyle change.

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