Friday, March 8, 2013

All aboard the Pity Train

Being a girl has its good times and its bad times! This blog today is all the reasons I hate being a girl sometimes... ready to listen to me whine some?!

10. That time of the month - Hey Aunt Flow!!!
9. Being bloated the whole week before that time of the month
8. Craving sweets 24/7
7. If you eat 1 bad thing, you gain 10 pounds
6. If you smell something yummy, you gain 5 pounds
5. Guys decide to just follow along with your hardcore determination and they lose twice the weight you do.
4. Having 3 different sizes of jeans in your closetthe "plus size" models aren't plus size
2. Having to lose baby weight
And my #1 reason I hate being a girl right now is...
#1 - Wedding dress shopping... I don't want to be bigger than a 12!

As you can tell, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today! I woke up feeling so bloated, my jeans are tight and I feel like a fat blob! I hate days like this. Days like this are why I keep having to restart my weight loss because I get on the pity train that takes me to Sonic and I end up with a Route 44 Diet Coke with 5 real cherries and then the pity train derails at a grocery store where I stock up on desserts. Then after a few days, I wake up from my sugar coma so pissed off at myself and have to restart my weight loss. I use to do it all the time, then stopped while I lost my 100 pounds and now its back again. After talking it out with Jamie just the other day, I need to really realize when these moments are happening so that I don't have an outer body experience and get on board the pity train... instead I need to stay in control and stay on the dang train I am already on, the healthy one!

I text Rebecca (my friend I am doing insanity with) this morning telling her everything that is going on... I am happy to have her on team Jordan because all she wrote back was "no excuses"... just what I needed to hear. Today instead of boarding the pity train, I have all my meals packed and at work with me. I am going to stay on track and then meet her later for day 4 of Insanity... one day at a time!!

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