Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Insanity is Insane!

Happy Tuesday Y'all...

Casey and I started Insanity last night with a friend of ours and boy oh boy am I sore this morning. I have been working out 4-6 times a week for the past couple months but I know it hasn't been intense... kinda just going through the motions. Well last night proved that! I woke up barley able to move this morning and that was just after the Fit Test. Day 1 starts tonight and I am very excited about it. With my knee, I did have to modify a few of the jumping workouts but even with the modifications it was still a very hardcore workout.

We have 33 days until Engagement photos (April 7th)

I have 46 days until we go dress shopping (April 20th)

And now I have 60 days of INSANITY!!!!

Have you ever tried Insanity? If so what did you like and not like about it? Did you do it for the full 60 days? Did you notice a difference in your body? Did you take before and after photos?

I will be posting again on the 7th for our monthly photos and we have decided those will be our Insanity before photos also. I think these videos might take the place of my running addiction void that I haven't been able to feel yet.

Get Fit or Get Out!

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