Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monthly Photos

Like I said yesterday, I wasn't all that excited to take photos this morning. I knew I slacked a LOT this past month and the pictures and scale showed it. I weighed in at the SAME weight I was last month, however Casey lost 3 pounds. I am kind of pissed at myself for letting yet another month go by and not getting my weight in check. I know that my weight will be a battle the rest of my life, and I know what to do and how to eat correct... why do I always let myself slip up? I blame the weekends... I am horrible on the weekends! Its like I have an out of body experience and the next thing I know its Sunday and I am wondering how in the world did I let my food get that bad out of control. Do you ever have moments like this? Its crazy too because I am never HUNGRY, its just because I was bored...

Casey and I had a long talk the other night, we have actually had this talk before, and I begged him to help me stay on track on the weekends. I didn't need someone to hold my hand when I lost the 100 pounds but for some reason now I do! We are going to take it one weekend at a time and really try and plan out our weekends... I mean if we are going to do Insanity for 60 days, why would be through away all our hard work during the week for a meal or 2 on the weekends?

We have 2 big events this weekend... 1 is our engagement dinner that is at a Mexican restaurant that we love and the 2nd is our 1 year anniversary and we will be celebrating at Reata's and Top Golf. We have decided that at the engagement dinner we will both have the fajita salad with dressing on the side, stay away from the chips, drink water and only have 1 of the cookies that my sister ordered us. It will be easier to eat healthy as Reata's because they have such wonderful lean meats to choose from, the hard part is going to be telling them to NOT bring us pecan biscuits... Top Golf is more of a bar scene and since I am not a big drinker, that will be easy for me just to focus on golfing instead of drinking. Casey might have 1 or 2... after all the boy deserves it for putting up with me for a year! HA!

Anyways... here are our pictures! They are January, February and March. Like I said, I cant tell a difference in me at all except for the way cute sports bra I bought from Target. I can tell a bit in Casey's stomach (more so from his side view). These pictures are wonderful motivation for the both of us and really hold us accountable. Without these pictures, I probably would have gained this past month instead of maintaining it. You better believe it though, next month I will have a loss!!! Bring on Insanity Day 3...

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