Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This girl is on fire

I completed day 1 of Insanity last night and let me tell you, this girl is on FIRE!! Oh My Gosh my inner thighs are more sore then they have been in a LONG time. It is so bad/good that I have to hold on to the wall when sitting down to potty and standing back up. My arms are sore too from doing so many push-ups and holding planks. No weights, no bands, no extra equipment or anything... just a DVD and my own body weight! I do have to adjust quiet a few things on the DVDs for my knee but even with the modifications, the workout is still killer.

Tomorrow is our weigh in day and I am not really excited to take the pictures or weigh because I know its not that big of a difference from February 7th... however I am every excited to take the pictures and weigh because April 7th will mark our half way point of Insanity and I cant wait to see the difference then.

I wanna say thank you to Becca and to Steph for helping me! Thank you Becca for coming over every and working out with me and Casey. You doing that is really helping us stay on track... plus I love having someone to compete with, haha! And Steph, thanks for letting me borrow the DVDs. This way I can still workout even if Becca is unable to make it over that day and I can workout on Saturday instead of squeezing in an extra workout in on Friday.

Lastly... Thank you Casey for supporting me and for backing while we are "Sweatin' for the Weddin"!!! I love you!

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