Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You cant out run your fork

Before you read this blog, keep in mind that I love the gym... I love working out... I am pro gym!

With that being said.... you CAN'T out run your fork! What I mean by that is that weight loss doesn't start at the gym!!! Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Abs are made in the kitchen. Keep this in mind, weight loss is 80% eating clean (right/correct) and 20% working out. 80%...80% of losing weight is all in the kitchen, it lies in your fridge, when you decide to make a pit stop at the drive thru, it is what you put in your grocery basket and it is what you feed your family every day. I am not asking you to go on a diet, I really HATE diets, what I am asking you to do is to start eating better. When you eat better/clean you will start to see a change in your energy levels, in your weight loss, in your pants, and the list could go on and on. When you start seeing a change in your energy levels, you start wanting to make it to the gym to help you with that other 20%.

Someone on Biggest Loser talked about how they would go workout and then go eat a bad meal, basically erasing all of their hard work they just put in. They looked at food as a reward, we are not animals people... do not reward yourself with food. When you fuel your body with the right food when you are finished with a workout (or even on days you don't workout) your body in return thanks you by losing weight!

When you do make it to the gym, remember that cardio 24/7 is not the answer either. Cardio is great, I love me some cardio, but when you add in strength training... you will help build your muscles up and in return your muscles will help you burn the fat faster. Basically if you feed your body the right food and you work your body out the right way, your body will start working the way you want it and need it to. This concept is NOT a new concept, its just a forgotten one. I know that eating bad and not working out is so much easier then taking the right steps... but then again, who said losing weight was easy?!

Here are a couple of guidelines I stick by when it comes to eating:
1. Fall in love with fruits and veggies
2. Get your protein in! Google how much protein you need a day to lose weight, you will be amazed.
3. Try and drink a glass of water every hour - google how much water you need, you will also be amazed by this.
4. Try and stay away from carbs, if I am craving any I will stick with Whole Wheat pasta, brown rice or 9 grain whole wheat bread. And if I do eat carbs, I try and eat them earlier on in the day so that my body has time to break them down before I go to bed.
5. Say bye-bye to cheese - this was tough for me but I am determined.
6. Drink your milk early in the day, you don't need  to go to bed with that much sugar just being consumed.
7. Watch your sodium intake - frozen meals, ugh! - google this too!
8. Eat 5-6 small meals a day and never ever let your body get hungry
9. Have a cheat meal once a week or once a month but when you are done, get back on track.
10. Have an accountability partner to help keep you on track

Weight loss is so simple to understand... its just taking those first few steps are so hard! You can do it...

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