Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mile by Mile

The last time I ran, my mile was an 11 minute mile. It's not the best time but it was also not the worst time... I knew that when I ever started running again I would have to build up to an 11 minute mile, it wouldn't just happen over night. This being my 1st week back on the running scene, I have to say I have done pretty dang good on improving my time each day... I think it helps that I am competitive!

Monday - I walked mostly with a few runs here and there, but they were very sporadic.
My mile was 19 minutes and 57 seconds

Tuesday - I did more of an interval program, where I walked a couple minutes and ran 30 second to 1 minute.
My mile was 17 minutes and 45 seconds

Wednesday - I did the interval program again but I added more running in.
My mile was 16 minutes and 21 seconds

Today - Guess what I did... the interval program but this time I ran more than I walked.
My mile was 15 minutes and 46 seconds.

I have to say, I am SO proud of myself... its slow but guess what, IT IS RUNNING!!!!

Oh and some other good news - Casey and I have signed up for the Race for the Cure 5K that is on April 6 this year. This will be our 1st ever race to do together!!!

Here is to making the impossible, POSSIBLE!!!

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