Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fit Test Day 15 / TBL Finale

Last night 2 big things happened in our house... we had our 1st Fit Test repeat with Insanity AND it was the finale of The Biggest Loser!!!

The Fit Test: I am so proud of Casey and myself for sticking with Insanity and making it to the 1st milestone... the day 15 Fit Test. On day 1 of Insanity, you complete the Fit Test and log all of your scores. Then you repeat this step on day 15, day 30 and the last day. This allows you to see how much stronger you are becoming... and after day 15, our results should speak for themselves!

I am VERY proud of my Low Plank Obliques... the 1st day, I couldn't even do them at all (due to my knee) but I am getting stronger (and so is my knee)!

The Biggest Loser: Spoiler Alert! I just love seeing the players before and now photos, if that doesn't motivate you... I don't know what will! The at home players looked good and I was really bummed out that Gina beat out Lisa for the prize... I really thought that Lisa secured that, but I know that Gina worked hard and she deserved it. I have to say, I loved Gina's black and white dress she wore out on stage... dang Gina (lol)!! My next favorite part of the show was Joe... I know he is an older man but oh my geez he looked good! I don't know what it is about that man, but his smile kills me and now his body matches it! My FAVORITE part of the show last night... Yep you guessed it, DANNI!!! I have been on team Danni since day 1 and I am so happy she won the whole show... by 1 pound!!! She didn't only lose the weight, but she was T-O-N-E-D! I have to say, even if she would have lost... she looked the best out of all the contestants. Go Danni Go!!! Okay, I am ready for the next season...

I hope that you all have a healthy happy day!

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