Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday!


1st thing is 1st, this is a The Biggest Loser spoiler... so if you haven't watch this week's episode you might want to stop reading now.

Last nights episode was one of my favorite yet. I love that the trainers take each of the remaining contestants into a room to watch their journey on a big screen. I love it even more that at the end of each of the videos there is a clip of who they use to be talking to who they are now. If that isn't motivation to keep going, I don't know what it. Being a former fatty, I know that looking at yourself at your heaviest is way more motivation then looking at goal clothes or pictures of what you think you want to look at. You see your old self and know that you NEVER want to go back to that, you feel ashamed and then that fire lights and you are motivated. While watching these videos I decided to pull a photo of myself before my weight loss journey started and put it up to a photo of me recently. I have lost 101 pounds but since knee surgery, I have gained about 20-25 of that back and I have been so discouraged... seeing how far I have come, really helped me know that I can get that 20-25 pounds off and that I will NEVER let myself go again.

I am ever so happy that Danni, my FAVE, made it to the finale with Jeff. My 2nd fave is Joe and he is up against Jackson for the 3rd place spot... well I am stuck between a rock and a hard place on who to vote for. If I vote for Jackson then Danni has a better shot of winning but Joe is my 2nd fave of the group... tough decisions, haha! Who do you think will get the 3rd and final spot? Who do you think will win it all? I am so ready for next Monday!!!

This morning while getting ready, I put on an outfit  that I wore the Sunday before starting Insanity... Casey looked at me and said "Wow, I can really tell a difference in how that outfit fits you since the last time you wore it..." That means more to me than any number that could ever pop up on the scale. Speaking of the scale, we have decided to put it up until the 7th. We have both noticed that with Insanity, we have both been losing inches but the number on the scale hasn't really changed. So instead of giving meaning to that number, we are putting the scale up and going to keep focusing on Insanity and eating healthy and let our pant sizes do the talking. Although I am secretly hoping that on the 7th when we pull the scale back out, that both of our number drop! We shall see...

I hope you each have a grand day and remember... a minute on your lips and forever on your hips!

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