Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's official...

Its official... We have completed week 1 of Insanity!! Today is our rest day (as well as the anniversary of when we started dating) and we are enjoying it to the fullest (church, lunch at Reata, some errands and the Top Golf). I have to say, some of the Insanity workouts are nerve racking but once you get into the DVD and finish the workout, you question why you were so nervous to start! I can already tell a difference in my body too (the scale not so much, aunt flow is headed this way). We have been eating great, even at our engagement dinner last night and at our 1 year anniversary lunch today! I am proud of both of us...

Side note - Casey has lost a little more than 30 pounds this past year. I am so proud of him!!

Y'all stay on track, cheating on the weekends is so not worth it... Trust me, I know!!

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