Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dax's 1st Day at MDO

(Shirt made by Vinyl By Jordan)

Today, Dax started Mother's Day Out (will be going Tuesdays and Thursdays).... which really is more Father's Day Out for us since I work in the mornings and Casey stays home with the boys. Ha! Dax is at that age where he needs to be around kids his own age. I really think his vocabulary and motor skills will really take off after a few months of being in "school". And, Casey needs a break a couple days a week from chasing a toddler so he can do some updates around the house. We have a long list of things we want to get done and having Dax makes it near impossible.

He is teething and has been chewing on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! This morning it was a whale bath toy... I tried to take it away just for the picture and he was NOT having it... so this is the best we could do. Such a little stinker he is!!!

Dropping him off broke my heart. We can hand him to a stranger and he wont cry, but this morning he was NOT having it at school. He threw himself down and bawled. His teacher is gone this week due to a surgery so they have a sub in there... hoping it gets better the more he goes. Fingers crossed!
Best part of Dax being in MDO, my sister in law works there!!! That means she will check up on him, send me updates and send me random pictures throughout the day!!!

School ends at 2pm but I think we are going to go pick him up at 1 because Casey leaves at 2 and he was pretty emotional about not seeing Dax again until tomorrow morning. It was so cute, they are best buddies!

Next up, Caleb starts school September 1st... First Grade here we come!

On another note, today I am getting my booty back in gear on my foods. They have been all over the map this past week (well this past summer) and I am ready to buckle down and get focused on getting on the stage in the spring. I missed my workout today (slept in) but I am going tomorrow... then Thursday I am meeting with a competition trainer to talk about what my next steps are and what the future looks like for me. I am really excited and nervous all at once.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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