Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1 Step Forward... 3 Steps Back!

Life doesn't always go as planned.

I never thought that this competition training would be easy.
I never thought that it would go 100% smoothly.

I had trouble finding a trainer and it took a lot of time and asking around to find one. I finally found one and after meeting him, I left feeling good about the situation and pumped to get started.

This week has been amazing so far. I have been killing my workouts (currently using the ones from being a Jessie's Girl) and eating 100% on track (also using the Jessie Girls meal plan). I submitted my measurements and photos on Sunday and had to wait for him to email me my workout and eating plan on Monday. I received it Monday afternoon and that is where it all went wrong...

1st Step Back
I was told that the workout plan would be adjusted for me, you know since I have knee issues. It was not adjusted for me at all... it was a very generic plan. It was also very similar to the plan I was already following with being a Jessie's Girl. He told me in our meeting that he wasn't a fan of generic workout plans and he would write one just for me...  That kind of left a sour taste in my mouth, but I decided that it was okay that I would just adjust the plan according to what I can and can't do.

2nd Step Back
I opened my meal plan. When we sat down and met I told him my goals and what I wanted to happen. I told him I didn't like plans with low carb and that I didn't want to do any drastic eating plans that would make me gain weight right after I finish the plan. Well, that is exactly what I was sent. The plan was based on Keto (basically its medium protein, high fats and very low carbs... like 14 grams of carbs to be exact, I am currently eating 170 grams). He said that this would throw my body into a state of burning fat. Or in my husband's words... this will throw his wife into one of the bitchiest moods you have ever seen her in and she will be hulking out 24/7!

I asked my Jessie's Girls about this Keto based diet because a lot of them have competed and I wanted to see if this is what I should be doing. I have never competed before so I wasn't 100% sure. They all very strongly said NO!!! Even Jessie herself messaged me saying that she does NOT agree with this and that your body needs carbs and she earned her pro card and ate carbs the whole time. She also said some other choice "words" about how stupid this plan is and how wrong it is for the trainer to tell his clients to use it.

3rd Step Back
When we sat down and met, he said trainings will be $45 a session. I noticed on the gym's website that they were doing 2 free sessions with the 16 week package I bought. I asked him about it and said he wasn't one of the trainers included in that package but would honor it for me. He then said that he will do 2 free trainings but that the next 14 trainings would be $70. So basically I can get 16 trainings for $45 a session for a total of $720 OR I can get 2 free trainings and 14 sessions at $70 for a total of $980. Ummm something doesn't add up to me!!! Is it just me or does that seem odd?

Another Step Foward
I have thought a lot about this.
I have prayed a lot about this.
I have talked to Casey a lot about this. 

I have decided to start looking for another trainer. I contacted one this morning and waiting to hear back. I told him that I want to compete but not at the cost of ruining my body. I want to do it the right way so when I step off stage I am not going to gain it all back. Competing is great but living life in a healthy lifestyle is what I want more than anything. 

For now, I am going to continue on with my Jessie's Girl Plan and keep looking for a trainer...  



  1. How awful! So sorry to hear this. "Trainers" like him are the ones that give these competitions a bad rap. My husband was a male physique trainer for years, and his guys are beautifully and still won theie brackets. Great job sticking to your guns girl!

  2. I am so impressed that you didn't just do what was given to you that you asked questions talked about it with ppl who have competed I think alot of pp just do what they are told by trainers because they assume their way is the right way but generic is just that generic. You are committed 110% you need your trainer there to