Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Loving the candid photo

Have you ever been in the background of a photo and just hated seeing yourself?

I have been there and I have hated it. I have tried to crop me out of the photo. I have removed the tag on social media. I have literally cried by how disgusted I looked.

Sure anyone can look great posed the right way, but when you don't know the photo is being taken and you aren't perfectly posed... yuck!!!

This past weekend we attended my nephew's 3rd birthday party. It was at Chuck E Cheese, a place I hate with a passion, so I was already in a blah mood going into it. Plus on top of it all, my back was hurting really badly to the point I would cringe if I had to bend over. Casey had to work so that meant I was there alone with both boys, one who refuses to learn to walk so I had to carry him everywhere and pick him up over and over when he wanted up and down. AND, the icing on the cake, my ex fiancĂ© (the mean idiot guy who would make me weigh in weekly) was there working (what the heck, why must I keep running into him everywhere?). I really wasn't up for getting my photos taken. I wanted to get in, sing Happy Birthday, and go home to lay on my heating pad again.

Then, later that night, my sister in law posted the birthday photos on Facebook. I quickly glanced at them looking for photos of my boys and came across 3 that I was in the background of. And guess what... I didn't hate them!!!

This is me actually licking frosting off my fingers after feeding Dax cupcakes... yes I said cupcakes, my baby ended up eating THREE of those dang cupcakes. He gets his love for sugar from his Momma!

It was the first time in a VERY long time that I didn't sit there and pick myself apart first... instead I was kind of proud of how I looked in them. Sure I can see my flaws and areas I want to work on and improve, but overall... I was happy with them and didn't crop them, didn't untag them and didn't beg her to take them down.

I am loving this new chapter in my life... the one where I learn to LOVE myself!!! If you haven't started this chapter in your life, I highly suggest you start it now... life is SO much better this way!!!


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