Friday, August 5, 2016

Random Friday Blog

The title of this blog is how I feel today... Random! I made a promise to myself I would blog every day this month until my birthday, so this blog entry is going to be RANDOM!!!

Yesterday I was able to spend the afternoon with a life long best friend, Sam. She turned 31 on Wednesday and every year we have celebrated her birthday together. This year her babes were at daycare and Casey took our boys to the park so we went and had a quite lunch with momma drinks and then time out at my pool... our lunch was far from quiet though. Sam and I can talk to a brick wall and talk for hours PLUS I got momma wasted half way into my drink (because I am a light weight and never drink) so the more I drank, the louder I got... and if you have never been around me, well I am pretty loud when I am quiet. 

Then the MOST fun thing ever took place! I have started a vinyl shirt business (click HERE or HERE to check it out) on the side for fun and I had asked a couple of my friends to be models for me and model some shirts. I was just going to snap the photos with my iPhone and then Heather from Violet Rose Photography asked if I wanted a photographer and I jumped at the opportunity! It was the most fun thing EVER you guys...

One of the models was Jessica who just happens to be a Jessie's Girl!!!! Yep, I met my 1st ever Jessie's Girl and I have to be honest, I had butterflies I was so excited to meet her!!! I love my fitness community so much. There are SO many wonderful women out there and I am so thankful I get to be a part of this community and meet these ladies! 

Two of my other girlfriends (one being one of my best friends, Julie) also came out to the photo shoot to have their daughters model for me. I love being around my friends, they bring out the best in me and always leave me feeling like all is right in the world. 

Then this morning happened... I slept through all of my alarms and stood my sister in law up at the gym! I was WORN OUT!!!! I actually started (hey Aunt Flow) when I got to work and was like "well... hell, that explains it!" 

Today was Eboni's last day at work... she is my best friend at work and I am so super sad to see her leave but very proud of her! She has worked her booty off to get her degree to teach and was given an opportunity she couldn't pass up. I cant wait to hear all of her stories about teaching 9th grade English!!! 

Oh and my photographer, Alicia Mitchell Photography, messaged me and told me all of my photos are ready to be picked up... going to meet up with her tonight! I cant wait to see all of them, including the cake smash photos... I will be posting more next week. YAY!!!

Happy Flex Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 


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