Monday, August 15, 2016

Life goes on

I set out to blog everyday from August 1st to my birthday, August 22... and well, that didn't happen. But good news, life goes on!

Friday started off really good and then I had a blow out on the drive into work on one of the worst highways to have a blow out on... luckily I was able to exit and Casey came to my rescue. 6 hours and $257 later (actually it ended up being free because we have tire protection I didn't know about) I had a new tire.

Saturday I was SWAMPED with orders from my Etsy and Facebook pages! I prayed for business to take off and that is exactly what happened... I am learning though as I go and 2 of the things I am learning is to give myself a longer deadline and to say no. I am not superwoman and I need to learn that I cant do everything for everyone in the time frame they need it done... It just isn't possible.

Sunday I woke up sick at 2-3am. I was in the bathroom all morning long! The boys went to church without me and then my mother in love took Caleb and Dax swimming for the afternoon and I slept. Luckily the Imodium Casey bought me kicked in and started working so I could actually eat something!!

Today I woke up feeling MUCH better! Actually, I woke up and kicked ass today. I made it to the gym, got my workout in, went to the post office and sent out the packages I did Saturday, came home to take a shower, start laundry, and get ready for work... then made it to Simply Fit Foods to pick up some meals for this week before heading to work! I am ready to tackle this week!!!

With all of that being said...
I missed a few blogs and well, life went on anyways!

Friday's blog was supposed to be about Casey's birthday date day, so here it is...

We started the date by dropping the boys off at my sister in love's house

Then we headed over to The Velvet Taco in West 7th... we have both been wanting to try it out and it was worth every bite!

Then I took him for a pedicure!!!

He kind of got tipsy and passed out from being so relaxed!!

Then we made a pit stop at home to pick up his gun (I was sending him to the gun range with a friend at the end of the night).

Then off to Texas Star Bakery for some yummy birthday cupcakes!!

After we got sugar wasted, we arrived at Lasertag! I was so excited about this place... major let down! The games were lame, the guns were horrible and I got in trouble for saying "shit" under my breath after being killed once. Oops!

While we waited for the game to start, we played in the arcade! I love being a kid with my husband...  even if he does beat me at most games.

We had to make a pit stop to Sonic, of course! 

Last stop, we picked up the boys and went to The Rock to have some pizza for a family dinner. I then took the boys home for bedtime and Casey went to the gun range and to shoot some pool with his friend, Will.

I think it is safe to say, he had a GREAT birthday!!!




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