Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to stop giving a F

Someone asked me the other day if I could write a blog on how to stop giving a fuck... I love this idea!!

Warning - excuse my language in this blog... I kind of like the F word and really LOVE it when I am talking about no longer giving a fuck!

I am a proud supporter of not giving a fuck about what people think about me or of you! I promise, once you stop caring what other people think about you, you will start to really enjoy life and your confidence level will sky rocket... I promise!!!

Sure, not giving a fuck sounds like a wonderful thing to do but how do you actually do that?! It isn't as easy as it seems... and there really isn't a manual on how to do it either. But I have come up with a few things that have helped me, so here ya go!

1. When someone puts you down or places judgment on you, they probably are insecure and putting you down helps make them feel better about themselves. Yes, this sounds demented and a horrible excuse to put you down, but it is most likely they truth. I have been that insecure person before and I thrived off of putting other people down. When I knew other people felt bad about themselves, it made me feel a bit better about myself, like I wasn't all alone. It is a warp way of thinking but it is reality. Misery loves company!!! Don't allow yourself to be their company...

2. Stop and think what is going on in that person's life for them to be treating you like this? Maybe they are being put down and torn apart by other people in their lives and the only way they can release the steam is to put other people down. It doesn't make it right, but understanding why people do what they do will help change your outlook on life. It might not change the situation but it will change how you react to it. You are less likely to give a fuck about what people say when you know why they are saying it.

3. Remind yourself that people are too worried about themselves and their problems to think about you. When you are headed to a party and worried what other people will say about your outfit when you walk in, if you are worried about how they will judge you, or look at you... remind yourself, they probably wont even notice because they have their own issues and they are probably worried about what everyone else will think about what they are wearing and how they look.

4. Stop giving them the power over you! If someone does say something to you about how you are living your life, tell them that you don't give a fuck about what they say or think about your life. Once you actually tell someone that you don't care about their opinion in regards to your life, I promise they will stop telling you what they think. People want to know they have power over you and when that power is taken away, they will go somewhere else to get that power. Stop giving them the power!!! Stop feeding their ego and feed your own instead!

And lastly, if all else fails... Listen to this SONG as loud as fucking possible!!!


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