Thursday, August 4, 2016

Loving myself

I asked around to see what you guys wanted me to blog about and MACROS was the number one answer... so watch for that next week! I am going to take a few days and get my thoughts together and write as much as I know about it, how I live my life with macros, and why I love it so much. Stay tuned.

Today though, I want to talk about LOVING myself!!

Way too often I hear people putting themselves down instead of focusing on the parts of themselves that they love. It is even worse hearing about your flaws from other people... hey idiot, I know that is a flaw about me. I don't need you to point it out, mmmkthanks!

So today, this blog is dedicated to my FAVROITE feature of my body and loving that feature...


Go ahead and roll your eyes, you probably already knew that was my favorite feature because if you look at any of the photos I post on Facebook or Instagram there is at least one comment about my legs. But what you don't know, is that I use to HATE my legs. Like with a passion hate them!!

Why I hated them... Since about 8th grade, I have been 5'10! FIVE FREAKING TEN! I was the jolly green giant compared to the rest of the girls and even the guys. I always had to take the hem out of my jeans, forget about wearing shorts or dresses to school (maxi dresses weren't popular back in my day) and lets not even talk about taking a group picture... I was ALWAYS in the back. Long legs are great and all but when you are 13 years old and you stick out like sore thumb because of your long legs, you grow to really hate them. At 13, all I wanted to do was fit in and I couldn't do that because of my legs... man if I could go back now I would embrace the sh*t out of them!!!

Then my junior year of high school, I messed up my knee really badly in cheerleading. It sucked! I ended up having to quit cheering, I had to wear a horrible long brace for a long time and I had scars on my knee. Seriously, I hated my legs enough already and now this on top of it. Blah! Fast forward to now, I have an even bigger scar from my 2nd surgery (reconstructive in 2012) and my knee aches more now than it ever did... but guess what, I love those scars now. They shows how strong I am. They shows that I can be knocked down and I will still get up swinging. Those scars tell my story of success and failure, but mostly success.


Sure, I still don't wear heels all too often. I still take the hem out of my pants. I still have a hard time finding dresses and shorts. I still get put in the back of photos. I am still taller than most girls and some guys... but guess what... over the past almost 20 years, I have learned to LOVE my legs. They are strong and they are powerful. It is the one part of my body that I don't have to workout to look good. My calf muscles are defined and just there and my cellulite is barley noticeable in the little areas I do have it. Please don't take this as me bragging, this is simply me loving myself... something I think we all need to learn to do more often.

Maybe you love your arms, me I am not a huge fan of mine (they hold weight and I have a hard time getting the flab off). Maybe you LOVE your stomach, me I am not a huge fan of mine. Maybe you love your booty, me, well, I am working on that now (It has always been so flat but it is finally plumping up some). The list could go on and on...

Find something you love about your body and embrace the crap out of it...


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