Thursday, August 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Casey Joe!!!!

Today, my amazing husband turned 37 years old!!!!

When I met my wonderful husband, he was 32 years old. I have LOVED spending these last 5 birthdays with him and I cant wait to spend the rest of his birthdays with him... spoiling him and loving on him!

I wont lie, Case drives me up the freaking wall. He snores, he procrastinates, he forgets, he never pushes his chair in, he takes the longest poops every (haha what guy doesn't)... the list can go on and on.... but to be honest, all the things he does to annoy the heck out of me doesn't even come close to all the things he does that makes me love him. This man is my rock!

I still remember the minute I knew he was in love with me... we were on a cruise and we were pulled up on stage for a couples contest. We were asked all of these questions and one of them was "when did your significant other fall in love with you?" He answered and said it was when I had knee surgery and I woke up and he was sitting there waiting for me to wake up. I never knew he knew that was the moment I fell in love with him... but he knew. Later he told me that when he was telling that story, he realized he was in love with me.

Casey and I have never been in a relationship without a child... from day one, he knew that if we were going to be together forever, he was going to be a Dad. And let me just tell you... he is an AMAZING Dad! Him and Caleb have this awesome relationship that I cant even put into words. Then seeing him building this relationship with Dax, it has been so sweet and loving to watch. He is such a great Dad!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Flowers!!!

I cant wait to get off work so I can spoil you with an amazing date day!!!

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